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About our M3 Tuning

“There is a much more linear connection between the amount of throttle I induce and the response of the engine. It’s almost akin to a throttle-cable type of feel.” Alexander Roy





About our M3 Tuning

Our S65 engine tune has undergone one of the most extensive range of updates in our whole range. The ability to gain consistent and measurable power throughout the rev range is a difficult and technical process that requires hundreds of hours of dyno time.

By recalibrating ignitiong timing, VANOS timing, torque limiters and fuelling,  more power/torque is available at both partial and full load.  Low end torque and top end power are the areas which improve the most and it is these very areas which need improvement. Peak power delivers between 15-20hp on a stock vehicle, more so on modified vehicles.

The Evolve software makes increases power evenly and equally throughout the range, retaining the M philosophy of predictable, usable power.

On the Dyno

e9xm3stockMost E92 / E92 M3’s will produce in the region of 405-415bhp on our dyno. With the ECU remap we generally see anything upto 425-430bhp on a stock vehicle once an adaptation time period has elapsed, more on a pre-modified one. 
Through careful remapping of the factory BMW DME tables, various elements such as ignition timing, fuel delivery, vanos position and part throttles are reworked to create performance gains.
 The result is an M3 which feels far sharper and pulls harder through the rev band, especially over 4500rpm.

Our engine tuning philosophy is to improve driveability and enjoyment. We do this by giving an increase in power and torque for the whole rev range, and not just a ‘glory’ BHP figure found at high rpm where you don’t spend the majority of your time. Our figures are also very conservative and can easily be replicated on other dynos.



  • Additional 15-20bhp on a stock vehicle
  • Fully developed on dyno and road
  • Top speed limiter removal

  • Sharper throttle response and drivability
  • Flash from home convenience
  • Return to stock anytime


To get this software we now offer the revolutionary Evolve-R remote tuning tool. The Evolve-R is the latest hardware release from Evolve, enabling customers to load our industry leading ECU software upgrade directly into their vehicles themselves, at home.

Choose between your stock map or upgraded Evolve map at your convenience, and no trace is left when you replace your stock software. For more information on the Evolve-R please click here.

Tuner Protected Cars: We tune these too! You will require a minimum 12.5V battery charger/conditioner due to the lengthy read/write process.

Already have other modifications? We have various stage maps available for those with pre-existing modifications. Contact us to ensure you receive the correctly tuned maps for your modifications.


Why No 'Stages'?

‘Stages’ are simply ways to refer to different strengths of tune based on your modifications. A base tune is considered ‘Stage 1’. For vehicles without catalytic converters we consider those ‘Stage 2’ and vehicles with all available modifications are ‘Stage 3’. The strength of the tune increases as the motor increases in efficiency.

Can I use any fuel quality?

The quality of fuel you use is very important. When creating your tune we request the octane fuel you will use. In the US/Canada fuel is measured in AKI, whereas in some of the rest of the world it is RON. There is a 4-5 point difference between the two, 91 AKI is 95 RON and 93 AKI is 98 RON.

Higher quality fuel allows us to release more power without the fear of ‘knock’ (detonation). Needless to say, if you have a 93 AKI tune we do not recommend refuelling with 91. If you have a 91 tune you can gain some power, due to ECU adaptation, by fuelling with 93 but not as much as having a full 93 octane tune.

Do I need to go to a Dyno?

Our powertunes have been created by having a car on our dyno, monitoring its sensors and results, and tuning appropriately. In most cases we already have a tune available for your vehicle. Modern engines are manufactured to very high standards and as such their power outputs hardly vary.  This, combined with modern adaptable ECUs let us supply very specific maps to you without the need for Dyno tuning.

Is this a 'canned' tune?

We do offer the option of custom/dyno tuning as a separate fee. If we already have a powertune available for your specification then there is only ever a handful of horsepower (if that) to be gained from custom tuning, though it is required for specific builds.

Canned tune refers to a ‘non-custom’ tune. On older vehicles there were obvious gains to be had from custom tuning, as ECU’s were non-reactive to changes. But due to how modern ECUs adapt themselves to their environments this phrase is no longer relevant.


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